Donated Plant Studies

New Plant Information Available   In 2008, your NARGS Board of Directors voted to buy recently-available plants and donate them to several public gardens in Colorado for testing under different circumstances and to enrich the plant diversity in these gardens.  Now the data are coming in.  This information, on survival, blooming, and plant characteristics, is in the form of large spreadsheets on our website,  These are too large to publish in the Saximontana.  You can expect to find some of these plants at our Spring Plant Sale and in nurseries that carry rock garden and Xeric plants. We hope that this information will provide you with ideas and some guidance. We are also receiving reports back from the recipients of the donated plants. These are in PDF format.      You need Excel or a comparable program on your computer to open these files.  There is a program called OpenOffice free on the Internet that can open Microsoft Excel files.  If you cannot access this information from home, we suggest you go to a public library and access our website from there.   2012 Yampa River Botanic Gardens Report   2012 Montrose Botanic Gardens   2008 Denver Botanic Gardens Report   2008 Yampa River Botanic Gardens Report   2008 Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Report